Fish Species

JAN: Walleye & Steelhead

FEB: Walleye & Steelhead

MAR: Steelhead & Brown Trout

JUN: Walleye & Steelhead

JUL: Walleye & Steelhead

AUG: Walleye & Steelhead

SEP: Chinook, Skamania, Brown Trout, & Steelhead

OCT: Coho Salmon, Chinook, Lake Trout, & Brown Trout

NOV: Steelhead, Walleye, Brown Trout, & Skamania

DEC: Steelhead, Walleye, & Brown Trout

Lake Michigan

The pride of Michigan is its vast waters making it the largest lake in the country and ranks top five in the world. Lake Michigan makes for great fishing with its many species of fish and availability of fish all year long. One of the highlights of fishing on Lake Michigan is catching perch and jumbo perch!

St. Joseph River

St. Joseph River system is one of the most productive systems in the state of Michigan with dozens of tributaries. In the St. Jospeh river you will find plenty of salmon and steelhead trout availble for your fishing pleasure. The St. Jospeh River also boasts mile after mile of beautiful scenery. Wether you are fishing or relaxing on our boat, you will find plenty of opportunities to take pictures and enjoy the stunning surroundings. During any of our trips you are welcome to bring snacks and beverages.